• Nourishment for life.

  • Nourishment For Life.

    LALA | #Yogurting: Convenience, Nutrition and Taste

  • Nourishment For Life.

    Promised Land | Far From Ordinary

  • Nourishment For Life.

    Frusion | Flavor Charged With Vitamin C and Calcium

  • Nourishment for life.

    Nordica | Uncompromising Quality In Cottage Cheeses and Dips

  • Nourishment for life.

    Skim Plus | No Fat, Just All the Creamy Flavor You Crave

  • Our Brands

    LALA U.S. includes many brands that you probably already know, such as LALA, Promised Land Dairy, Frusion, Skim Plus and Nordica. Each one has a unique focus.

  • Careers

    We do what we love, and this embodies our core values. LALA U.S. actively recruits talented professionals who can help us deliver the highest standards in value-added dairy foods.

  • News

    To help you stay up-to-date on the latest LALA U.S. news and events, we publish our LALA press releases here.

  • Leadership

    Our strength is in our people. Learn more about the LALA U.S. executives who lead and inspire the business.

The LALA U.S. Story

Our company began with a simple idea: offer fresh, good-tasting quality milk and dairy foods to the communities where we live. As we evolve and expand across North America, our goal remains the same. Learn more.