A Rich Portfolio of Taste.

Brands You Already Know And Love

LALA U.S.® includes many brands that you probably already know, such as our flagship brand, LALA, Promised Land Dairy, Frusion, Skim Plus and Nordica. Each one has a unique focus:


LALA has a mission to transform the industry, by creating new and great-tasting ways to feed the body and soul while aiding health and growth, for all people. LALA produces high-quality real yogurt smoothies, blended cup yogurt, Mexican-style sour cream and milk. Find where to buy LALA brands.

Promised Land Dairy®

This brand delivers premium white and flavored milks naturally higher in calcium and protein made from a special breed of cow, Jersey Cows from the British Isles, that produces less than 10% of the U.S. milk. From Midnight Chocolate to Eggnog, Promised Land is Far From Ordinary. For more updates,  sign up for the MooCrew Promised Land newsletter.


Skim Plus®

With a large loyalty base on the East Coast, Skim Plus offers milk with 11x more protein than almond milk, and ten essential nutrients, for the taste you’ll love. Find where to buy Skim Plus milk products.

We invite you to explore our brands and our products. If you have any trouble finding our brands, please reach out and let us know.