The LALA U.S. Story

Nurturing your life is our passion and has been our mission for over six decades. Here at LALA U.S., we believe our success comes from listening to the needs of our customers which is why we have continued to expand and grow our business.

The LALA U.S.® story is rich with dairy history. Our name comes from our parent company, Grupo LALA – a Mexican dairy company, founded in 1949 in Torreón, Coahuila. It is the only dairy company that operates nationwide in Mexico. It expanded into the United States in 2005, and began acquiring manufacturing plants in North America in 2009. Today, LALA U.S. continues to expand its reach across North America with both regional and national value-added dairy brands from manufacturing plants in Colorado and Nebraska.

LALA U.S. Through the Years

  • 2005: LALA yogurts enter U.S. market
  • 2009: Manufacturing of LALA begins out of Nebraska and distributing Promised Land Dairy out of Texas
  • 2015: LALA Greek Yogurt Smoothies are introduced
  • 2016: LALA expands nationally and becomes No. 1 adult drinkable smoothie
  • 2016: Began manufacturing Promised Land out of Colorado

Our Values

At LALA U.S., we have nine core values that help guide us as we grow.

We Are People

  • We are the most valuable asset to our organization

We Dream Big

  • We are motivated to reach our goals

We Think Like Owners

  • We view the business as an extension of ourselves

We Grow by Meritocracy

  • Excellence enables our growth

We Deliver Results

  • We overcome challenges to create a better future

We Are Practical

  • We take concrete actions while remaining agile and flexible

We Are Authentic

  • We express ourselves naturally with transparency and honesty

We Do Not Take Shortcuts

  • We do the right thing, even when it isn’t easy

We Lead by Example

  • We are a positive influence on others